Drunk WhizzAir passenger gave Nazi salute in front of Holocaust victim’s family

A WizzAir passenger who made a Nazi salute in front of a Holocaust victim’s family after he hurled racist abuse in a drunken tirade has walked free from court.

Drunk Louis Mann, 28, boarded a flight to Liverpool from Poland, where he had been a medical student.

After the flight landed, Mann launched into a horrific tirade of racist and religious abuse targeted at Jews.

One family, related to those who had died at the hands of Adolf Hitler, filmed the shocking abuse on a phone, LiverpoolEcho reports.

Prosecuting, Zillah Williams said Mann "got out of his seat before permitted to do so" and after being repeatedly told to sit down by the crew began a "tirade of racial and religious abuse by words and gestures."

Ms Williams said: "He was standing in the aisle of the flight making a Nazi salute and was shouting Anglo-Saxon race, we are superior.

"Know your place, don't answer back, you're a Slavic race traitor n***** lover."

He also used a derogatory word used by Nazis and shouted "Jewish n***** lovers," Ms Williams said.

She said: "Mr Tych, a Polish national, was recording him. He was particularly upset, he lost family members during the Holocaust. He was extremely shaken by it.

"He was talking about people being inferior and was being derogatory to Jewish and Black people."

In an impact statement, Wlodzimier Tych, said he had "always felt welcome" in the UK up until this incident.

Mr Tech said he has lived in the country for 31 years and "never experienced this sort of behaviour."

He said: "I am of Jewish origin, this made me feel very shaken and upset, I also felt angry, disgusted and upset as he continued his behaviour regardless of other people's feelings."

Ms Williams said Mann was "clearly drunk", which a medical examination confirmed, and was deemed unfit for an interview "for reasons to do with his mental health."

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Mann was handed an eight month sentence suspended for two years and 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirements.

The judge said he would not apply a punitive element due to the defendant's mental health and a victim surcharge was also applied.

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