Donald Trump news: Trump TV? President could establish Fox News rival

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Donald Trump has lodged several legal challenges against this year’s election, as he continues to allege the presence of a sea of fraudulent ballots cast against him. Election officials have called the race for his rival, Joe Biden, and barring any further disruptions, he will take office on January 20, 2021. The incumbent President faces an uncertain path ahead, but he has a litany of potential choices.

People have so far suggested Mr Trump will hang on to politics as a presumptive Republican nominee in 2024.

One of the reasons behind this is the current state of the Republican Party.

The last four years have seen a seismic shift towards “Trumpian” politics, with more abrasive and noticeably divisive members.

Experts believe the abrupt changes to the party’s political landscape will endure and would keep it primed for more Trump leadership.

Speaking to, John Owens, Emeritus Professor of United States Government and Politics at Westminster University, said he had “hijacked” the party.

He added the President had even persuaded those opposed to his tenure to work with him.

As such, Professor Owens said Mr Trump could achieve renomination in 2024.

But he added the President has no official ambition lower than the US’ highest office.

Professor Owens said: “There is no way he would be interested in the Senate or the House.”

Should Mr Trump decide to ditch ambitions for a delayed second term, the Professor said he would turn back to show business.

His career has already included a generous helping of media stardom thanks to his time on The Apprentice.

But his political experience may drive him in another direction after 2020.

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Professor Owens said he might add a news channel to his entrepreneurial pursuits.

He said: “Now that Fox has loosened their link with Trump, it is, of course, possible he will opt to start up a new news channel.”

Fox News has recently distanced itself from the Trump administration, refusing to entertain his campaign’s accusations of voter fraud.

As such, the President has started levelling criticism on his former flag bearers.

Other networks such as the notably pro-Trump One America News Network (OANN) have picked up their leftovers, earning high praise from the President.

Mr Trump’s recent praise suggests he is looking for support wherever possible.

Establishing his own television network would allow Mr Trump to keep a foot in politics while maintaining a high-profile image without the strict accountability of office.

Such a decision could allow Trumpism to stay in the public eye long after the President has vacated his position.

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