Denver weather: Thunderstorms, showers expected to come Monday afternoon

Thunderstorms and showers could come to the Denver area Monday afternoon as the day warms up to a high of 86 degrees with winds between 6 and 11 mph, gusting up to 18 mph, the National Weather Service said.

Storms in the eastern plains could cause strong outflow winds reaching up to 50 mph, the weather service said.

Overnight temperatures are expected to drop to 54 degrees before another slight chance of showers and storms in the late afternoon Tuesday.

Winds reaching 5 to 15 mph and gusting up to 18 mph are forecast to come as the weather reaches the high of 84 degrees, the weather service said.

Wednesday is expected to drop to 77 degrees with more chances of thunderstorms, before rising to 87 degrees Thursday.

Storms are expected Thursday night and forecast to continue through Friday as the high drops down to 55 degrees.

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