Deliveroo riders caught gorging on woman’s ‘missing’ burgers with ‘smug grins’

A woman was left hangry after she allegedly caught Deliveroo drivers with "smug grins" brazenly tucking into her £50 burger order in the street.

The customer had ordered food for colleagues from Almost Famous on Great Northern Square in Manchester's Northern Quarter on Friday lunchtime.

When the Deliveroo app claimed their food had been left by the entrance of their work building, the woman sprinted to the door with eager anticipation – but the food was no where to be seen.

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The victim explained: "I got a notification at 12.54 PM saying they’d tried to deliver it and tried ringing the intercom but just left it by the entrance of the office walk. Two minutes later, I walked down, and it wasn’t there."

She continued: “I immediately thought my food had been stolen, so I contacted them, and they said they couldn’t refund me because the driver had been outside for eight minutes."

But then the situation took an unexpected turn.

“This was still within the eight minutes, and I always see drivers hanging around outside the Pret round the corner, so I just thought I’d look there, and I saw a bunch of people outside eating our burgers," she added.

"I knew it was the drivers because they had our food on the table, and the exact same order number on the bag.

“I took a picture of them, and they just laughed in my face and said, ‘Well, we’re still getting paid for it’. They couldn’t care less; they just continued to eat it.”

The woman said theft and subsequent consumption of the burgers was so ridiculous that even her friends didn't initially believe her.

She made contact with Deliveroo and the restaurant, who gave her a fresh order and a refund, respectively.

The woman fumed: "It was literally two minutes from getting the notification on my phone to say they were trying to deliver it to me getting downstairs. There was no way they waited."

A spokesperson for Almost Famous told the M.E.N: “We’re just happy to see the Deliveroo drivers got a meal so good for their lunch, the Friday feeling was in full swing, and the food just must have smelt that good they couldn’t resist.

“All has been resolved with Deliveroo and the customer, we sent out a fresh meal to her office so she didn’t miss out.

"All in lighthearted fun, we don’t like to take things too seriously and just want to make dreams come true and make people happy in tough times. Who could be mad at those smug grins elbow deep in Bacon Bacon Everything.”

A Deliveroo spokesman said: "We are very sorry to hear about this incident; we expect all the riders we work with to behave professionally at all times, and this is a matter we take very seriously.

"We have apologised to the customer, offered a full refund and the restaurant prepared and delivered another order for them. We’re also following up with the rider as a matter of urgency."

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