‘Cringey’ royal dancing ‘like seeing parents lipsync’ as fans gush for duchess

Royals dancing at King Charles' Coronation Concert have been dubbed “cringey” except for one member of the family raking in the praise.

Footage from the historic evening has been circulating social media channels relentlessly since the bank holiday knee-up and people have not been afraid to share their thoughts.

Around 20,000 people packed into the arena at Windsor Castle while a further 12.3 million watched on from home to catch a glimpse of the likes of Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

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As is often the case when it comes to the royals, opinions have been split with some slamming their dance moves and others finding it sweet.

Taking to Twitter, one royal watcher was responding to a clip that showed the likes of Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children George and Charlotte waving Union Jacks and dancing about.

They said: “Cringy as f***, the whole thing is so out of touch with reality.”

Another person tweeted: “Ugh the Royals dancing is like watching your parents lip-synching to rap music.”

But while some were unimpressed by the dancing – and the event in general – many were blown away by the accidental performance of one royal in particular.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, blew fans away with her free-spirited, polished dancing.

“She looks radiant,” one viewer said.

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Another fan of the Duchess’ moves added: “Sophie was living her best life tonight, singing & dancing (at times to the discomfort of James, but I always say what [is] the point of having teenagers if you can’t embarrass them)”.

One woman even tweeted Lionel Richie directly, saying: “I hope you see the footage of Sophie, The Duchess of Edinburgh, dancing.

“She's got the moves. What joy you brought to the concert. You made this American so proud.”

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