Couple narrowly escape death after exploding jumbo jet engine lands on house

An elderly couple who narrowly escaped death were left in "shock and wonder" when part of an exploding jumbo jet engine fell and crashed into their roof.

Louis and Domenica Demaret noticed the sound of a plane "flying lower than normal" while at home near Liège, Belgium, on Thursday night (September 8).

The pair then heard a loud boom nearby, which Louis thought was a thunderstorm.

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Domenica told Belgian news outlet RTBF: "At one point, I heard the sound of an airplane, followed by a boom.

"So I went out, I looked out at the front door, and the alarm started ringing because the house was still vibrating."

But Domenica said she didn't see anything when she looked outside and went back into the house, where her grandson had somehow managed to sleep through the noise while in his bed upstairs.

Domenica went back to bed, but couldn't sleep that night.

"I was asking myself all these questions," she said.

The next morning, one of their neighbours approached them and asked: "Did you see the wreckage in your garden?"

It was then that the Demarets realised part of a jumbo jet engine had smashed into their roof, thankfully only causing a little more bit of damage to the tiles and frame of the couple's garage.

It emerged that an Air Atlanta Boeing 747 had set off from nearby Liege Airport and was destined for Malta when part of the engine hood came off, causing the crash.

The flight miraculously managed to continue its flight to Malta, where it will be repaired.

Christian Delcourt, a spokesperson for the airport, confirmed that the engine had fallen apart shortly after takeoff at around midnight Friday morning.

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Domenica, shaken by the events, said she was left in tears and trembling when she realised what had happened, describing it as "the fright of our lives".

"We were speechless," she said.

Meanwhile Louis added the debris left behind spanned about two by three metres.

The couple contacted the local police, who called the fire brigade and Liège Airport to remove the leftover debris.

"I had a lucky escape," he said. "If it had fallen and broke squarely through the roof of the house, I was in my room, [it would have been] in my bed."

A further investigation has been launched into how the plane engine fell apart.

The Daily Star has approached Air Atlanta and Boeing for comment.

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