Couple chartered $100k private jet to fly their dogs across the world

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A US couple splurged over $100k (£82k) to charter a private jet so they could take their dogs with them on a dream trip around Europe. Melanie Demi, 26, and her husband Albert, 27, are the loving owners of Great Dane Lucas, Golden Retriever Cooper and a Dachshund mix called Brooklyn. The couple are from Austin in Texas, where they both have well paid jobs.

Melanie works as a media marketing consultant and content creator, while Albert is an account executive.

Two years ago they started to save money for a trip around Europe, and managed to pool together $45K after selling their car and other belongings.

The pair could not bear the thought of leaving their dogs behind and were determined to take them with them.

However, they soon encountered problems due to restrictions imposed by travel companies on the transportation of animals.

It turned out that Great Dane Lucas was too heavy to go by air cargo and the only pet-friendly cruise liner refused to accept his breed.

Undeterred, the enterprising couple soon hit upon a new idea, which ensured they would not be separated from their beloved pets.

They clubbed together with other dog-owning travellers to charter a private jet to fly them to Paris from Austin.

Melanie explained: “Getting the dogs from the US to Europe took so much planning, but we couldn’t leave them at home – we want to see the world with them.

“We planned our own charter trip and managed to find 10 other people heading to Europe with their dogs.

“It took three months of planning and cost $11k per person and over $100k for the whole flight.”

Once in Europe, they hired cars and travelled by train as they set about showing their pooches the wonders of the contiinent.

They have been on the road for four months now and have managed to visit six countries so far – including France, Germany and the UK.

The couple intend to stay in Europe until November 2023 and are working remotely as they travel, to help fund the costs.

They have booked rooms at dog-friendly AirBnBs and are currently in Scotland.

Melanie says they have no regrets in taking the dogs who by all accounts are having a whale of a time.

She said: “The dogs have seen Paris, Prague, Vienna, and we’re planning to drive around the Scottish Highlands.

“I think the dogs really enjoy it. People on social media ask why we don’t leave them at home.

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“The dogs might not know where they are, but they love exploring new places and it’s about having them with us and making memories.

“Sitting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and seeing them roll on the grass, or at the Christmas markets where they got a lot of pets, or running on the beach in Edinburgh, it’s all just incredible.”

She added: “Being able to travel in general is something I’m very grateful for but doing it with the dogs makes me feel very lucky.

“There are times when I catch them just staring and it seems like they’re just taking everything in.

“I have a video of my Great Dane just resting his head on the Charles Bridge in Prague and it looks like he’s just taking it all in.”

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