Coronavirus: Number of cases in Germany rises by nearly 3,000 to 13,957 overnight

The number of coronavirus cases in Germany has risen by nearly 3,000 overnight to 13,957, a government agency in the country has confirmed.

There were also 11 more deaths from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, bringing the total in Germany to 31.

The Robert Koch Institute, which is responsible for disease control and prevention, has also recommended people keep their distance to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The rise in cases in Germany come as French President Emmanuel Macron said his country is only at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

He said at a crisis meeting at the interior ministry: “We are at the start of this crisis.

“We have taken exceptional measures to absorb this first wave, but we’ve started a race against the virus.

“We must react a great deal and reorganise ourselves at every moment.

“We need to anticipate.”

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