Coronavirus: B.C. couple donates $1K following meat-hoarding backlash, death threats

“We’re sorry for upsetting the Lake Country community,” said Dan Marcotte, a Lake Country resident. “That wasn’t our intent.”

A couple in Lake Country, B.C. has gone viral, from a video showing them buying two shopping carts full of meat.

“We just wanted to protect ourselves, our family and our animals,” Marcotte told Global News on Thursday.

Marcotte said he and his girlfriend panicked after seeing people at the supermarkets hoarding food and other necessities — and that prompted him to buy the meat.

“We decided to go, buy meat and essentials to get us by because, according to the media, this could go on for months,” said Marcotte.

The viral video has garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube and others on social media platforms.

Marcotte told Global News that he has received death threats online stemming from the incident.

“I’m just worried about myself getting death threats.”

The couple say they never meant any harm and told Global News they purposely went to the market near closing time to lower the chance that they were buying meat others needed.

“I want to make right, I want to give Lake Country food bank a donation of $1,000, to show the community that we are not cruel we are not benefiting,” said Marcotte.

Marcotte said they wont be reselling any of the meat online.

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