Coffin marked ‘RIP British Monarchy’ thrown into river on day of Queen’s funeral

A coffin marked "RIP British Empire" was hurled into a river on the day of the Queen's funeral during a dramatic demonstration.

The scenes took place during a march against the monarchy which saw the figure thrown into Dublin’s main city centre river.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland said they were trying to re-enact an incident which was led by ex-socialist leader James Connolly in 1987, when Queen Victoria visited the city.

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Irish President Michael D Higgins and Taoiseach Micheal Martin attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London on Monday ( September 19).

During the demonstration, protestors objected to the flying of the Irish flag at half-mast on the day of the service, reports ITV.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland posted on Twitter: "This afternoon, Anti Imperialist Action organised a protest march starting at the James Connolly Statue at Beresford Place and marching around to the GPO, against the grovelling worship of the English Monarchy by the Free State ruling class.

"Along the march, a coffin marked 'RIP British Empire' was thrown into the Liffey at O'Connell Street, just as James Connolly did in 1897 to protest the visit of Victoria."

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Campaigners were heard chanting "You Say British King, We Say Guillotine" and "Get the Brits Out Now!".

The group has received backlash online and was mocked by the lack of protestors in attendance on Monday.

One Twitter user said: "Jesus Christ, all 8 of them bringing down the British Empire."

Another commented: "These retards really thought they did something here."

While a third added: "If Jamie Bryson had these numbers present, it would be considered a huge protest, but down here, this is just 20 oddballs out for a stroll and nothing better to do with their time."


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