Cocky teen tells TV reporter your mum came round after he spent night in cell

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A gobby teen accused of robbing a service station with a machete in hand let loose on reporters outside court, telling one of them that his mum visitited the alleged lag in his jail cell.

The unnamed 18-year-old attempted to rip the microphones from two TV reporters' hands outside the Gold Coast Watchhouse in Southport, Queensland, Australia on Saturday.

He also launched into a slew of insults at both reporters, using a derogatory term for disabled people.

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The young man was accused by police of holding up a Puma service station in Labrador on Friday night before making off with a bag of cash he forced from a frightened employee.

The 48-year-old woman handed him the bag of cash after he threatened her with a machete, it is alleged.

"I didn't rob that store, so you guys can go jam it up your a**," he told journalists however.

"I remember walking home and then I got arrested for some bullsh*t," he said of his arrest.

"Bro you're re**rded, why would I rob a store then walk through the park back to the store I just robbed?" he added eloquently.

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He then launched into crude jokes about the two male reporters' families.

When asked how his night in the cell went, the teen told the 9News reporter: "Yeah pretty good. Your mum came around, she came to visit me and we had a pretty good time."

After being asked: "What are you going to do today?", he replies: "Probably going to see her again, it sounds like a pretty good idea to me."

When he was asked by the 7News reporter what he planned to do after his release, he said: "I'm going to go and see his mum, then I'm going to go and see your sister."

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When the 7News journalist told him he didn't have a sister, he indicated that he would in nine months. An awkward pause follows before he adds: "You don't get the joke because you're r******d."

He has been charged with armed robbery and drug possession, namely Xanax.

The teenager has also been banned from going within 50 metres of the service station, but he didn't seem to concerned, saying: "Good, it's a sh*t servo anyway."


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