China devastation: Destructive mudslides ravage Chinese province leaving 10,000 trapped

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The Gansu province is normally considered one of China’s driest regions. However, after a week of torrential rain multiple mudslides have been triggered. This has resulted in areas being flood, bridges being swept away and snapped power lines causing destruction in multiple areas.

Early reports have indicated that more than 10,000 local residents in Longnan, a city in the country of Wenxian have been trapped.

Other areas have begun taking precautions to prevent a similar incident in other provinces.

Today China’s Sichuan province raised its flood emergency response to its high levels.

This is due to the Yangtze river flooding rapidly.

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The heavy rainfall over the last few days has caused overflowing with several tributaries in the danger zone.

It has resulted in thousands of people being evacuated to prevent more people becoming trapped.

Early reports have indicated at least 36,000 people have been forced to evacuate China’s Yaan city due to the flooding.

The Qingyi river has already witnessed some of the worst floodings as authorities have attempted to grapple with the difficult evacuation measures amid the large scale destruction of farmlands.

According to China’s ministry of emergency management, the floods have impacted 63 million people.

The economic damage for flooding has been estimated at $25.8billion and is expected to rise.

Several villages have been unable to evacuate in some areas however water levels have receded to acceptable levels to allow emergency service to help.

Some villagers who were unable to evacuate the area were forced to take refuge on their roofs.

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Many of these people were rescued by emergency helicopters until the flood levels subsided.

The authorities of Longnan also issued a red alert after heavy rains last week.

These rains caused significant damage and emergency services were forced to clear debris left behind as rescue workers grappled with the floods.

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