Chilling drone footage shows turbo shark swimming at insane speeds towards beach

Terrifying drone footage captured a great white shark hitting its top speed as it raced towards a shore.

The breath-taking clip was recorded by photographer Matt Larmand at Capo Beach, California back in 2020.

He had been told there was a shark sighting on the day and decided to launch the drone to catch a glimpse of the predator, which he managed to do.

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Explaining that he was flying the drone at full speed to try and catch up to the beast, Matt estimated that it was travelling at "at least 20 mile per hour".

He also estimated it to be roughly eight to 10ft in length and said its underwater sprint covered around 50 yards.

Speaking to For The Win about the incredible encounter, Matt said: “I’m not sure what triggered him to burst into speed like that. I’ve never seen one do that.”

Chris Lowe, Director of the Shark Lab at California State University, reckons it might have been the drone itself that made the shark act erratically.

He said: “This response to the shadow of the drone supports one reason why they hang out in shallow waters. They don’t know what is a threat and the safest behaviour is to flee when they experience something unknown.

“What’s also interesting is that babies will exhibit this rapid flight in one direction, while older sharks will do a loop around when scared. This doubling back on a potential threat is a typical predator behaviour to prevent a rear attack.”

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The top speed of a great white shark is thought to be around 25mph, with adults growing to around 20ft in length.

Mako sharks are the world's fastest and can exceed speeds of 40mph when they chase prey.


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