Catastrophe just beginning! Expert warns river levels rising as 81 dead in flooding

Germany floods: 'Catastrophe' detailed by correspondent

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Swantje Stein told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the whole dimension of the flooding catastrophe across Germany is just beginning to emerge. The Reuters Correspondent added that in the region of river Aar more than a thousand people are currently missing. 

Ms Stein said: “The whole dimension of this catastrophe is just beginning to emerge.

“Sadly overnight the death toll has risen.

“One broadcaster is reporting 81 people have lost their lives in this flood.

“And many, many more are missing.”

She continued: “In the region of the Aar river alone there are more than a thousand people unaccounted for.

“This might be due to the fact the mobile network systems are down in the region.

“It is very difficult for people to reach their loved ones.”

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