Bull escapes slaughterhouse and gores owner three times in terrifying footage

This video shows a powerful buffalo bull charge into a courtyard after escaping a slaughterhouse – leaving the animal’s stranded owner at its mercy.

In the clip, recorded on CCTV, the heavy-set buffalo is seen cautiously wandering through a door and then trotting out of shot, startling its owner and his son.

The bull then reappears and charges at its owner – flipping him up into the air and ramming him with its horns.

Clearly in pain, the man struggles to his feet and massages his abdomen which was wounded by the furious beast.

He attempts to use a mop to defend himself as he tries to escape through a door, but the animal is startled by his movements and knocks him down again.

The bull rams him a second time and then a third time following a short run-up.

As the video ends, the bull disappears out of frame when it circles around to the back of the house.

The footage was captured in the town of Huangbei in the city of Meizhou in China’s southern province of Guangdong on March 18.

According to reports, the villager suffered broken ribs and a ruptured small intestine but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The bull was later captured and transported back to the abattoir where it was slaughtered as originally planned.

Buffalo bulls can weigh up to 750kg and are incredibly dangerous when angered, killing more people every year than sharks.

Last year, a spectator was beheaded by a charging bull which trapped him against a fence during the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain.

Just days later, one of the furious animals escaped the bullring and threw itself at festival-goers, injuring 19 with two critical.

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