Brother of Brit shot dead in Jamaica charged with murder after mums funeral

The brother of a man shot in his bed in Jamaica has been arrested and charged with murder.

Carpenter Lemone Brown, 38, from Manchester, Jamaica, allegedly killed his brother, 48-year-old Michael Brown, while he visited Jamaica from the UK.

A land dispute is alleged to have rumbled between the brothers since 2015 and efforts are understood to have been made by the community to ensure it was resolved peacefully.

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Commander of Manchester Police, Superintendent Shane McCalla, said: "It is really sad, what occurred, and what is even sadder is that the persons, even the deceased, would have been at the Mandeville Police Station where members of the community safety and security arm and the restorative justice would have tried to get the parties to come to some form of agreement in their disputes over the properties."

Michael, who went by the name Jimmy, is believed to have been killed at 12:20am last Thursday having been shot in the upper body.

Lemone, a carpenter of Love Lane in Mike Town, has been charged with the murder, with the land dispute being put forward as a possible motive by police.

The two brothers recently buried their 74-year-old mother, just four days prior to Michael’s death.

UK resident Michael, who lived in Waterford in Hertfordshire, is reported by theJamaica Observerto have been killed while he lay in bed.

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A press release handed out on Thursday (January 26) by police said “concentrated evidence led to the arrest and charge of Lemone Brown, whose court date is currently being finalised”.

Michael was rushed to Mandeville Regional Hospital but was pronounced dead after arrival.

Superintendent McCalla added: "What we want people to do is to try to find more amicable means to resolve conflicts.

"A number of the murders recorded in the parish are coming out of disputes and an inability to properly manage conflict and resolve disputes."

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