Brits to be lashed by furious gales first as snow flurries takes hold this month

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    Forecasters have warned Brits that dangerously strong winds on its way alongside heavy snow which is set to strike in the next few days.

    The Met Office issued a yellow weather warning on Tuesday (January 31) and will continue to be in place on Wednesday (February 1) for northern Scotland as winds of 60mph are forecasted.

    Gales of "perhaps 70 to 80 mph" are also being forecasted cross coastal areas.

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    Potential delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport have been relayed to people in affected areas who've also been warned that some short term loss of power is likely.

    Independent meteorologists have urged the public of the possibility of snow flurries this week and for the month of February which is likely to experience a mix of freezing nights as well as more milder temperatures.

    Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said that an incoming polar vortex could see temperatures dip to a dangerous -10C possible in the coming weeks.

    He told the Express: "Computer models are suggesting that a weakening of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex (SPV) in the coming weeks could lead to an increasing chance of cold weather during February."

    Jim Dale from the British Weather Services spoke on the chances of a February freeze and said it'll depend on whether there is "stratospheric warming" over the North Pole.

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    The Met Office, however, have not yet forecasted any long-term frosts in their long-range forecasts but have demonstrated the mixture of weather conditions February will see in their daily forecast.

    Its Wednesday (February 1) forecast reads: "Spells of rain affecting Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England. Sunny spells and showers across northern Scotland, whilst winds ease. Mostly dry and fine in the south."


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