Brits brace for chaos as heatwave sparks national health emergency and weather warnings

Met Office advises to 'keep windows shut' during UK heatwave

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Ministers are reportedly creating plans for the unusual heat emergency as temperatures this weekend are due to set new records. On Monday, the Met Office issued an Amber weather warning over extreme heat expected on July 17.

The weather warning is in place for the entire day with concerns that the heat will seep into the following week leading to an extension on the amber alert.

The Met Office warned that “some exceptionally high temperatures are possible during Sunday and could lead to widespread impacts on people and infrastructure.”

The majority of England and Wales have been issued the weather warning from Yorkshire and Humber to South East and South West England.

According to the Met Office, adverse health effects are expected across the affected area especially with those who are vulnerable which may lead to danger to life.

It is also expected that there will be more water safety incidents as a result of more people trying to cool off along with travel disruptions including delays and road closures due to a risk of the roads melting.

The heatwave plan states that a level 4 alert scenario means “road surfaces are susceptible to melting” which may cause severe travel disruption and have “potentially serious consequences for those stranded in vehicles.”

Network Rail have already warned of speed restrictions in areas that will become hotspots over the week and weekend following the rails of one track in England catching fire on Monday due to heat.

It is also a concern that overhead power lines may droop due to the extreme heat and therefore blocking entire lines with “extreme weather action teams” out to measure track temperatures.

Delays are also expected at airports which are already spiralling out of control with cancellations and delays.

For many, the final week of school has also been impacted with official guidance saying that schools can close due to the heat.

Multiple schools in London have cancelled sports day events due to the weather conditions.

Meanwhile, concerns are rising over a hosepipe ban as water demand is expected to increase, potentially putting national water supplies at crisis levels.

Thames Water said: “During hot and dry spells we may find areas customers use water faster than we can treat it and pump it to their taps.”

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With a lack of rainfall, it is thought that multiple areas including London will be facing water restrictions and the supply of water is also impacting food production.

The National Farmers’ Union has declared that there are lower yields this year on arable farms and grass growth and therefore food for livestock will be impacted as well as increased food costs.

In preparation for the extreme heat the public have been warned about walking their dogs on hot pavements, putting out cigarettes on the dry ground, and campfires and barbecues in the countryside or woodlands.

The vulnerable, elderly and children have been warned about being outdoors in the heat, a high factor sun cream has also been advised along with staying out of the sun and wearing light clothing and taking on more water than usual.

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