Brits baffled by flat listing with sofa that ‘takes 2 days to get to middle of’

House hunters have been left scratching their heads by a property that comes with perhaps the biggest sofa ever seen.

The £700,000 listing on Clowes Street, Salford, comes with three bedrooms and three bathrooms and a generously-sized living room kitchen.

But in a slightly unusual styling choice, it seems that most of said living room is taken up by an enormous button-back sofa, supposedly 'seen on Pornhub'.

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With wooden floors and industrial style, exposed stairs the apartment looks trendy, spacious and even has access to a terrace garden – but the internet cannot get its head around the sofa.

Reddit users have, as ever, been quick to cut to brass tacks, making their confusion over the strange style choice known.

The picture of the listing was shared by u/unbannednow who said: “Is that supposed to be a couch?”

Goodvibezone added: “That would take me 10 minutes to get up.”

“The flat was built around the sofa of course,” said LordShrekOgre.

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“‘Hey boss what should we do about the gigantic sofa floating 40ft in the air over there?’

"‘Let's build apartments around it, it's the responsible thing to do", replied rugbyj.

Aventurous_Sea1974 quipped, “Wow the planning permission on that…”

“It's £450,000 without the sofa”, joked HopAlongInHongKong.

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Going the other way, Richeh replied: “I think it's probably £800,000 without the sofa. I wouldn't want to have to move that f***er.”

Pukit said: “That screams Airbnb sex pad. Sure I’ve seen it in Pornhub somewhere.”

Saying what everyone was thinking, another user, whose handle was too explicit to publish, said: “I don't think I would ever be able to leave it.”

“Be a two-day walk just to the middle of it,” said mdmnl in response.

“That's why Deliveroo was invented”, the rudely-named user chimed back in response.


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