Britains bodybuilding family with ripped mum and son destined to be new Arnie

A bodybuilding mum who became a world champion in just 18 months of training reckons her 11-year-old is 'the new Arnie'.

Mum-of-four Kerry Macdonald, 43, from Workington, Cumbria, has won several competitions despite only stepping foot inside a gym in April last year.

And she revealed her 11 and 14-year-old sons have caught the bug, with the younger of the two even being offered a sponsorship despite not yet weight training.

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Kerry said: "After lockdown I joined the gym and that was it, I've got a good physique for it.

"I've always been a very active mum but I haven't done athletics since being 13.

"For years I couldn't ever complete anything, I started hairdresser training and left because I couldn't retain information.

"I could do the practical stuff, but I never gained any qualifications. With ADHD you are grieving for what you could have achieved, but the gym really helps me.

"I think my story shows anybody can achieve anything, just give it a go. That feeling of being proud of yourself is such a nice feeling.

"Having your family be proud of you is much nicer than any world championship or glam stuff."

Partner Steven Johnston, 47, urged Kerry to try bodybuilding when the couple first started going out 18 years ago but it was only when a pal who won Miss Cumbria her encouraged her that she actually started.

She said people assume she's on steroids because she took to bodybuilding so quick.

The bodybuilder added: "I'm just naturally built to do this, I'm a genetic freak. This is just the way that my body has responded to the exercise, the food, and rest."

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In only 10 weeks, Kerry had racked up multiple trophies and tiaras and won the women's trained body category at the PCA bodybuilding world championships on November 20.

Her son Aaron could be next as has become obsessed with the bodybuilding community. Kerry said: "Just a few weeks ago he got up on stage and performed a bodybuilding routine.

"He got a tan and trunks. He was getting the crowd going and they were cheering. You can't make kids do that.

"He might be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger."


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