Brit who left wife for Ukranian refugee back with her in Ukraine after split

A bloke who split from a Ukrainian refugee he left his wife for says they’re now back together.

Tony Garnett, 30, is giving things another go with Sofiia Karkadym, 22, who he fell in love with 10 days after he and wife Lorna, 28, welcomed her into their home in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Things had looked like they weren’t going to work out for the unlikely couple after they split, but now they’ve got things back on track after security guard Tony jetted out to Ukraine to see her.

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Speaking toMailOnline, the father explained how he wanted to rectify their 10-week-long breakup.

“I think we can make this work,” he said. She's a really attractive woman and always has interesting stuff to talk about.

“I want to know her much better and this time we will take things slower.”

The pair had initially done a runner from Lorna just 10 days after Sofiia arrived as a refugee getting away from the violence in her home country, but the wheels soon started to fall off the fledgling relationship.

Sofiia, an IT technician, allegedly caused drunken outbursts that led to the pair splitting.

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Tony alleged that Sofiia would be abusive and exhibited jealousy about the two girls he fathered with Lorna.

He gave her the boot in October following an alleged bust-up where a knife was stabbed into a wall by Sofiia.

After disregarding orders to stay away from Tony, Sofiia was eventually arrested and went back to Ukraine as her refugee documents expired.

Now, after keeping in touch, Tony’s romantic gesture seems to have saved the situation.

He told the Mail: “To be honest I had missed her and my anger over her drinking had subsided.

“She promised me she would never touch alcohol again and since that day I got to Ukraine to see her she hasn't touched any drink.

“And she hasn't back in Yorkshire either.

“I knew that it was very tough for her leaving her family and her country and arriving in Bradford and drink was something she turned to.”

He said the visit to Ukraine has been good and he’s enjoyed the hospitality of Sofiia’s family.

“The welcome I got from her family was incredible. I could now see again the qualities in Sofiia from the good nature of her relatives.

“She is from a very nice family and they are all very loving. They have put their trust in me to look after their daughter and that is what I will do. I have given them my promise.”

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