Brit knows where doomed MH370 crashed – and wants to solve mystery for good

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    A Brit expert claims he knows where the doomed MH370 plane crashed and believes there's one more chance to find it.

    Aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey believes the ongoing mystery could finally be solved after narrowing down the location of the plane in the Indian Ocean.

    The expert is joining forces with robotics company Ocean Infinity, who confirmed on the 8th anniversary of the disappearance that they will launch a new search at the start of 2023.

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    The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished with 239 people onboard on March 8, 2014, sparking several conspiracy theories.

    The official guess implies that the plane made a shocking U-turn less than an hour into its flight before it plunged into the ocean.

    Richard says his investigation has helped Ocean Infinity cut down the search place to an area dubbed "Broken Ridge."

    Broken Ridge is said to be an underwater plateau nestled with a volcano and ravines in the south-eastern part of the ocean.

    According to Richard, the crash site is 33.177°S 95.300°E. He has reduced the search area down to 115 square miles.

    The marine company will use "cutting-edge" autonomous robotic vessels to explore the section, reports The Sun Online.

    Ocean Infinity previously searched the area of the ocean floor as part of a wider search they did back in 2018 using older technology.

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    Richard says the wreckage could have been missed or could be buried under sediment pushed up by underwater volcanoes.

    He added: "It still should only take a matter of a few weeks, there is a general feeling if we do go back out for another search it will be the last one.

    "That they will leave no stone unturned and do a very thorough job because we won’t get another chance.

    “I’m hopeful that MH370 will be found the question is when and who will do the finding, I think Ocean Infinity is best placed to find the wreckage."

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