Booze it or lose it – join the Daily Star and back Wet January to save our pubs

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    It's here! The start of Wet January… when we’re calling on readers to back our great British pubs.

    Sign the Star pledge to give Dry January the elbow and keep boozers in business, even if you stick to water.

    Readers, celebs and landlords have lined up to join our fight to save the great British pub.

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    Boozer bosses fear punters will stay home this January, which could spell the ­“beginning of the end” for many watering holes.

    So we are urging our readers to sack off Dry January and sign our Wet January pledge to promise to get down the pub.

    We've even gone so far as to include a cut-out in our New Year's Day paper to show your support.

    The message is clear: Booze it or lose it.

    Famous ex-publican Chris Evans wished us “great success” and former Apprentice star Thomas Skinner signed up with pals in his local, the Brewery Tap, in Brentwood, Essex.

    Skinner, 31, said: “Pubs are the lifeblood of Britain and need our help.”

    Pub owner Lee Penson, who runs The Claremont in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, said: “It could be the beginning of the end if something isn’t done. We need the support of our regulars more than ever.”

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    New figures revealed 86% of locals are now calling last orders as early as 8pm or having days-long closures in a desperate bid to survive the cost-of-living crisis.

    Punter Carl Ives, from West Sussex, added: “I’ll be signing the pledge because there isn’t anything like going to the pub with your mates. And if we don’t use it, there’s a chance we could lose it.”

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