Bonfire Night hell as police battle yobs throwing petrol bombs and fireworks

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    Parts of the UK descended into chaos as riot police were called in to deal with yobs behaving badly on Bonfire Night.

    Niddrie in Edinburgh, and Bolton in Greater Manchester were two of the epicentres of scenes of absolute madness, with Police Scotland bringing in Specialist Public Order resources to deal with issues in Scotland, which included petrol bombs being launched at officers. And Tactical Aid officers were seen in Bolton, as fire crews attended unofficial bonfire events in local areas.

    More than 30 people were seen launching fireworks at the officers in the Abbey Hey area, while fireworks were also thrown directly at homes in Stockport, as a motorbike was set on fire in nearby Farnworth.

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    Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's Director of Prevention and Protection, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Leon Parkes, said: “This is an incredibly busy period for our staff. They deal with many dangerous incidents and they should never feel under threat of attack or be sent to a hoax call when we’re so busy with real incidents.

    "Setting fires, throwing fireworks and making hoax calls can cost lives and keep our firefighters away from dealing with life-threatening incidents. These actions are bang out of order and will not be tolerated.”

    In Scotland Operation Moonbeam took place to help local police tackle the scary scenes, as clips going viral on social media showed hows dozens of police in riot gear with shields raised marching through the streets around Hay Avenue. One person online compared it to living in a warzone and a police cordon was put in place, with officers still on site more than three hours after it all kicked off.

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    Dispersal orders were put in place in that area, and in several others, including Muirhouse, Craigentinny, Saughton, Liberton, Moredun, Gilmerton and Gracemount.

    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Specialist Public Order resources, deployed as part of Operation Moonbeam, are currently supporting local officers in the Hay Avenue area of Edinburgh, following reports of a large group of youths involved in the antisocial use of fireworks within the area.

    Police in attendance are currently being subjected to attacks involving fireworks, petrol bombs and other projectiles and the public is asked to avoid the area while the response is ongoing. There are a number of local road closures in place and we will advise when these re-open. The public is thanked for their assistance with this matter. The police response is ongoing at present to keep the public and emergency service workers safe and local road closures are currently in place.

    “The public are thanked for their support at this time.”

    And Deputy Assistant Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Chief Office Garry Mackay said: “We take a zero-tolerance approach and will always work with Police Scotland to identify those responsible.”

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