Bodybuilders mum claims foul play after she died in hotel room with athlete

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    The mum of a shredded female bodybuilder who died when she travelled for a competition isn't buying the official line that she died of natural causes, after she was forced to share a hotel room with a male athlete.

    Carmen, the mother of Argentine Johana Colla, said her daughter's behaviour changed and became more erratic on the night of her death at a hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Johana had been sharing a room with a male athlete from her delegation, but only found out upon arrival at the hotel.

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    Reports in South America, including in La Voz reported that the man tried to inject something into Johana to "abuse her".

    “She didn't know why they put her in that room. She didn't claim anything, she was happy (at first). Later she called crying, [saying] that the organization treated her badly.

    "That is why we suspect that someone has done something to her," Carmen told South American media, adding that she is working to repatriate her daughter's body.

    The 30-year-old, who lived in Lomas de Zamora, a city in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, travelled to Brazil to compete in the Woman's Physique category in the South American Championship.

    The official suspicion is that she suffered a cardiac arrest, but her mother said she "knew she was in danger" when she was still alive.

    "They did something to her, they gave her something. I have doubts about her death. I spoke to her at nine o'clock at night and she was happy, she was fine," Carmen said.

    After receiving second place at the event, she called her family elated. A few hours later, on Saturday morning, her lifeless body was found in the hotel room.

    Carmen explained: "I asked three times 'Are you okay?' She was with my granddaughters, her daughters. The three of us talked to her together. 'I'm fine, stay calm,' she told me.

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    "And at two in the morning we got the call that she passed away. I still can't believe it."

    The one who broke the news was Johana's ex-partner, also a bodybuilder, who traveled to Brazil at a request from the young woman, La Voz reported.

    The International Federation of Bodybuilding Argentina (IFBB) issued a statement on social networks saying she suffered a cardiac arrest.

    But Johana's sister said: “If she died due to health problems, we understand. But with everything that happened, it worries us. No one is responsible, we are at the other end, we do not understand anything."


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