Blokes neck crushed by squat machine at gym in horror moment caught on camera

A horrific video has captured the moment a bloke's neck was crushed by a squat machine at the gym, leaving him with life-altering injuries.

Regilânio da Silva, 42, was sitting on a bench while taking a break between sets during his workout session when the machine holding 150kg of plates above him collapsed over his neck on Friday (August 4) in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará.

In the video of the incident, which was captured by the training centre's security cameras, showed three men quickly springing into action to help remove the weight off him and signal for people around to call for help.

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The father-of-three was then rushed to Santo Antônio Hospital where he underwent a four-hour emergency procedure to stabilise his neck.

However, it has since been reported that while the bloke is in stable condition and has use of his arms — he has no mobility in his legs and there is only a 1% chance he will ever walk again.

Neurosurgeon Dr. José Correia explained to Brazilian news outlet G1: "It depends a lot on the degree of injury at first, the level of return of previous functions.

"There are neither motor nor sensitive components, unfortunately. It is the most serious injury there is from the point of view of neurological damage.

"The chance is, statistically, less than 1% of the return of motor and sensitive functions."

Dr. Correia added "the thoracolumbar junction, which is the transition from the rib cage to the lumbar region, has lost bone continuity. It doesn't touch one bone to another".

220 FIT gym has claimed the machine was purchased less than 60 days ago and was in perfect condition at the time of the incident.

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Cícero Aparecido, a manager at the training facility, added the equipment has plates on the side with a centre lock and that members use to perform "conventional squats on the machine rather than freestyle squats".

The gym and Da Silva's family split the cost of the $7,000 surgery (£5,400).

His loved ones have since set up an account on the crowdfunding site Vakinha to raise funds for his recovery and have asked for people to "pray that Regi recovers quickly and that his progress is blessed by divine grace to regain leg movement".

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