Bloke who boasted of girlfriend’s bruise ‘imitates’ misogynist Andrew Tate

A Romanian social media personality who "imitates" Andrew Tate encouraged women to get his name tattooed on them and even boasted about his girlfriend's bruises online.

Vlad Cristian Obuzic, 30, who is also a kickboxer like Tate, cultivates an ultra macho image online and often poses with scantily clad women, fast cars and in luxury pads in Bucharest.

And much like his heroes the Tate brothers, Vlad Obuzic also has a "money-making academy" where for £400 a year he teaches impressionable boys the "school of life" and contempt for women.

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Gandul in Romania report that Obuzic tattoos "his women with his name" and in one video brags "about the bruises on his girlfriend's body."

He came to the police’s attention after he recorded himself asking women to kill their children, Postsen reported.

He is in the news because he is reportedly a witness in the case involving brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate.

After being summoned to the General Prosecutor's Office in Bucharest by officials involved with the Tate's case, he said: "I have been examined as a witness, for now."

His property was one of those searched in raids by Romanian officials that saw the arrests of the Tates last month.

"I had no business connections with the Tate brothers. I don't know why it came to the searches," he said.

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Obuzic stated that he does not share the message that the Tates convey, adding: "I did not exchange anything with the Tate brothers (…) I have a different speech, I have no connection."

Nicknamed the "Bomber", Obuzic, has shared several TikTok videos of he and the Tate brothers' high stakes gambling on the roll of a golden dice, drinking in nightclubs, dining and boxing training.

In another TikTok video, he compiles the several women who have tattoos of his face and his name on them.

He gained fame with a Twitter account through which he "spread the misogynistic discourses of" the brothers, reports in Romania said.

He is also described in several publications as a "video chat studio patron."

Police are reportedly examining his phone for links to alleged illicit business with the Tate brothers.

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