Bloke found with enough fentanyl to kill 2 million people inside car battery

A bloke has been found with enough fentanyl to kill 2 million people, with the illegal substance found stowed away inside of his car battery.

Luis Garduno Sanchez, 25, from Austin, Texas, was found to be in possession of 11.2 pounds of the narcotic after police pulled him over for a routine search.

The search of the SUV at a traffic stop surprised officers and the drugs dog at the scene, who found enough fentanyl to deliver more than 5 million doses.

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Sanchez, identified by police as a passenger in the vehicle, was subsequently charged with delivery of a controlled substance greater than 400 grams, which brings with it a first-degree felony charge in the state.

Officers from the Austin Police Department pulled over a white Chevy SUV for failing to signal before changing lanes but soon found far more than a faulty indicator.

On-the-scene officers stated that the vehicle waited an undisclosed amount of time before pulling over and that they suspected the occupants of the vehicle of being "involved in criminal activity".

A police K9 alerted officers to a suspected "narcotics odour" when it got to the back of the vehicle, where a car battery was being stored.

Inspecting the battery led officers to make the fentanyl discovery and subsequent drugs bust.

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Officers at the scene went on to inspect the suspicious car battery, which they found was stuffed with large bundles and "wrapper-like materials."

The battery was subsequently scanned with an X-ray and the bundles were opened up to reveal a "white powdery substance," New York Post reported.

Testing of the powder confirmed it to be fentanyl, of which 11.2 pound were found in Sanchez's possession.

Officials were reported as saying the dosage found in the 25-year-old's possession were "equivalent to more than 5 million dose units."

Daily Star had previously reported a fentanyl bust in the United States, where an official claimed just two milligrams can be considered a lethal dose.


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