Bloke finds penis pear in Aldi fruit bag – and wifes pals are buying loads

A man said his eyes "almost popped out of his head" when he opened up his Aldi bag of fruit to find a "realistic" penis-shaped pear.

Johnny O’Connell, 43, discovered the crude-looking grocery while unpacking his fruit and veg after doing his weekly shop, and said his wife's friends are now rushing to add pears from Aldi to their shopping lists.

The labourer, from Morpeth, Northumberland, said: "I'd nipped to buy a few things and brought them home and was unpacking them when I fancied a snack.

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"My wife's been on at me about losing a few pounds so I ripped the bag of pears open and out tumbled this willy-shaped pear.

"My eyes almost popped out my head. My missus just started laughing. I told her there's no way I'm eating that.

"As a laugh I posted pictures of it on my social media and my mates thought it was hilarious.

"I've had loads of comments, including some very rude ones, but I like to think I've given people something to smile about.

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"I certainly won't be looking at pears in the same way again."

The dad-of-two made the strange discovery on Wednesday night (October 5), and is now on the lookout for more inappropriately-shaped fruit.

He added: “It’s certainly brightened up going on the weekly shop.

“As well as doing the old squeeze test, I’ll be checking if it looks rude and if so, then it’s going in the basket.

"I used to be a big fan of That's Life in the 80s when they'd show rude vegetables and I'd like to find as much naughty fruit and veg as I can."

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Fruit and veg come in all shapes and sizes and crass-looking produce is not uncommon.

Earlier this year an M&S tomato that looked like female genitalia was deemed "too rude" to sell.

Security and safety advisor at the supermarket, Maxine Baker, was astounded to make the discovery and took the fruit home to keep in her freezer.

Maxine, 52, said: “Oh my God, it’s hilarious, it’s tomato saucy.

“I was doing quality checks on the tomatoes and picked that one up, and I just absolutely cracked up.

“I just fell about laughing when I saw it. I showed a colleague of mine, she did the same. It’s brilliant, I love it.

"I have got a really good sense of humour and I like slapstick and that was really up my street, so I thought ‘I have got to let everybody see it’.”


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