Bill Gates’ fans think final interview was ‘sign’ of marriage trouble

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The news of Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce has come as a shock — but eagle-eyed fans are now claiming the signs were there all along.

A clip has emerged from the couple's final interview together which some social media users are convinced shows the 27-year marriage was already over last June.

"After watching [Bill] react to her denial of vaccine conspiracies on a John Oliver segment last night, I knew something was off," one Reddit user remarked in response to the news.

The segment in question was a clip taken from their virtual appearance at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy on June 22, 2020.

The interviewer asks the Gates about the myriad conspiracy theories that have emerged about their foundation's involvement in developing Covid-19 vaccines.

One particularly deranged theory claimed Bill was using the vaccines as a covert means of inserting microchips into millions of people.

Melinda responded directly to this idea, but her husband didn't seem too pleased by what she said.

"I know my husband is not vaccinating people and putting a microchip in their arm because that technology doesn't even exist, and he's never uttered the words out of his mouth," she laughed.

Meanwhile Bill didn't even crack a smile, instead gazing into the distance while she spoke and nodding awkwardly when she turned to look at him.

In light of their split, eagle-eyed viewers are now convinced this moment was an indication the Gates marriage was already on the rocks.

"Dude! You aren't kidding," one Reddit user replied to the clip.

"That was the first thing that came to mind when I read the news. Neither one of them looked happy in that clip."

Another added: "He looked so quietly pissed off at her comment and I don't completely blame him, her tone only adds to these people's paranoia."

"Looking back the interaction between them felt a bit weird," another said.

However some users were less convinced, with one saying: "Bill is an awkward guy, with a half smile and nodding along. Marriage dead or not, I think it's just that.

"But I can definitely sense the 'I wish you had phrased that any other way' vibe coming from Bill at the end, and who wouldn't?"

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Twitter users also zeroed in on this precise moment as a sign of trouble.

"I watched the Last Week Tonight video on COVID Vaccines today and they showed an interview clip with Bill and Melinda that was off putting in content and delivery and now with this divorce announcement I can’t help but wonder more about it being a sign of this outcome," one user said.

"I can't prove this, but I'm convinced this has to do with the interview clip aired last night where Melinda awkwardly tried to convince us that Bill wasn't tracking people through the Covid vaccines," another tweeted.

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Both Bill and Melinda have made a number of media appearances during the pandemic, but only appeared in an interview together a handful of times and not for almost a year.

The couple also appeared in a "virtual conversation" with the US Chamber of Commerce last June wearing the same outfits as the Forbes interview, indicating they were filmed on the same day.

There's of course no way of knowing whether this was done purely for convenience or to minimise the amount of time Bill and Melinda had to spend in the same room.

The couple's youngest daughter recently turned 18, prompting speculation that they may have been estranged for some time but waited until all their children were grown up before making it official.

Bill announced the divorce in a Twitter statement on Monday, saying he and Melinda "no longer believe we can grow together as a couple".

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