Biggest Boris blunders as he leaves No 10 – from bulldozing kid to Peppa Pig

Gaffe-prone Boris Johnson has been forced out of No 10 following waves of resignations from key cabinet ministers.

Throughout his political career, Johnson was known for his constant blunders and calamitous moments.

From infamously getting stuck on a zipline to rugby tackling a small kid and mumbling about Peppa Pig at an important business speech, Boris has had more than his fair share of bizarre slip ups.

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The dad to at least six children –the exact figure is unknown – also saw damning criticism including Partygate, Barnard Castle and insanely expensive wallpaper.

The Daily Star has had a look at some of Boris’ most infamous blunders.

Getting stuck on a zip line during the Olympics

Boris was left hanging in front of the world’s media whilst waving two Union Jack flags when a zip line he was riding on came to a juddering halt as hundreds of bemused onlookers watched on.

He was Mayor of London at the time and had been promoting the 2012 Olympic games before his ride came to an abrupt end.

In total he was stuck, flashing his ankles and trussed up in his safety harness, for about 10 minutes before he was finally able to get down.

Although the politician tried to play it off as a joke, witnesses to the odd incident said he was becoming increasingly annoyed before he was eventually rescued.

Rugby tackling a 10-year-old boy

During a visit to Japan, Boris bulldozed a small child to the floor as things got heated in a game of rugby.

Young Tokyo schoolboy Toki Sekiguchi fell victim to the charge after Boris opted to shoulder the child instead of change direction.

He later admitted: “We have just played a game of street rugby with a bunch of kids and I accidentally flattened a 10-year-old, on TV unfortunately.”

An array of homophobic, Islamophobic and racist slurs

Boris described gay men as "tank-topped bumboys" and Muslim women in a Burqa as "letterboxes".

He also referenced black people having “watermelon smiles” in a series of slurs as a columnist before he entered politics.

The millionaire Old Etonian was rightly accused of bigotry and discrimination for the horrible comments, which he later tried to distance himself from as he looked to advance his career.

Hiding in a fridge to avoid reporters' questions

At the start of his stint as Prime Minister, Boris was facing pressure amid narrowing opinion polls.

But instead of facing TV cameras to explain himself, the timid PM was spotted running into a fridge for cover when he was confronted by reporters.

Live on Good Morning Britain, one of his political aides was caught mouthing the F-bomb before his boss hurriedly retreated into the milk-filled refrigeration unit to avoid any questions.

Backing pal Cummings after he drives in lockdown “to test his eyesight”

In May 2020, the UK was still in a strict Covid lockdown after Boris told Brits to stay at home and not meet their friends.

But when former pal and close advisor Dominic Cummings was caught travelling hundreds of miles to Barnard Castle, Boris didn’t seem to mind.

Before Cummings eventually resigned, the former PM had backed him – despite his odd claims that he was driving “to test his eyesight” leaving the public howling in disgust.

The Downing Street wallpaper scandal

Boris was sucked into a huge row over sleaze after he splashed the cash on a an eye-watering Downing Street renovation worth over £100,000.

Although the ridiculous sum of money caused enough controversy, what made matters worse for Boris were the claims it had been paid for by a Tory donor – without being officially declared.

The PM at the time sparked ridicule over the renovations, which included “hand-crafted” £840-a-roll gold wallpaper furnishing.

Partygate and being “ambushed by a cake”

Perhaps Boris’ most infamous mistake during his error-prone time leading the country was the booze-fuelled parties taking place at Downing Street whilst the rest of the UK were following lockdown rules.

The grovelling ex-PM lost any remaining credibility after the Partygate report lashed a “failure of leadership and judgement” at the heart of Downing Street.

Boris sparked further ridicule when a minister defending his boss over the birthday party gathering claimed Boris had actually been “ambushed by a birthday cake” and was not breaking restrictions.

Bizarre rant about Peppa Pig

One of the most odd moments throughout the ex-PM’s career saw him ramble to business leaders about kid’s cartoon character Peppa Pig.

He left industry experts scratching their heads after his sprawling address to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

During the weird speech, Boris also compared himself to Moses and imitated an accelerating car before telling the bemused audience “forgive me”.

Appearing to fall asleep at a climate conference

A photo of Boris making an appearance at the Cop26 climate conference triggered disbelief as he sat there with his eyes closed and a tilted head.

Commentators accused him of looking “drunk” as he slumped next to much-loved David Attenborough.

His team strongly denied the claims in spite of the photo, as Boris went on to cross his arms and don a glum expression on his face as speakers set out the urgent need to save the planet.

Making an unwanted appearance in Line of Duty

Following months of controversy around sleaze and dodgy donors, Boris was mocked in a sketch from the creator of the BBC drama that focuses on corruption throughout top officials.

Line of Duty stars made an appearance in a humiliating jab at the PM showing him facing a grilling from AC-12 anti-corruption officers.

The drama’s top cop, Hastings, told Boris: “You are finished here, Prime Minister. You are finished with lying to us, and that’s only the start of it.”

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