Biden to roll up at funeral in £1.3m The Beast limo with an oil slick button

US president Joe Biden is set to attend the Queen's funeral on Monday in a £1.3million limo dubbed 'The Beast'.

Biden has reportedly been granted special dispensation to make his own travel arrangements to the service for Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, while other world leaders will share a coach ride to the venue. The 79-year-old democrat will be the most protected person attending the funeral with 400 special agents keeping watch over him as he makes his way in his heavily armoured machine.

Specifications of the stretch Cadillac have been shrouded in secrecy for security reasons but the vehicle is said to have 8-inch steel walls to protect the president, which contribute to its overall weight being more than 20,000lb.

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Among its James Bond-style gadgets and quirks include the ability to fire tear gas, camouflage itself with a surrounding smokescreen while also having an oil slick button which can be released onto the road to thwart any potential assailants from giving chase.

As reportsThe Metro , the door handles can give out an electric shock to anyone trying to gain entry while they are locked. The doors themselves are thought to weigh the same as that of a Boeing 747 aeroplane. The tyres are also reinforced with Kevlar and are puncture resistant to held carry the weight as well as Biden and up to four more passengers in the rear compartment of the car.

Bulletproof glass ensures the windows are resistant to gunfire, while the vehicle has airtight seals to protect Biden and passengers from any mysterious gases. The fuel tank is also armour-plated and contains a special foam lining to stop any explosions if targeted directly.

It's a far cry from the arrangements in place for many of the world's leaders, who will be packed onto the same buses to escort them to Westminster Abbey.

The vast majority of leaders are all set to meet at a secret location somewhere in west London before making their way in as security around the venue is tight, while there are numerous road restrictions in place for what is set to be the biggest funeral in UK history.

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According to Politico, leaked documents suggest leaders have been asked to fly into the UK on commercial aircraft where possible, though it is unlikely Biden will follow suit with his private jet, Air Force One, available.

Other G7 leaders have also been given permission to be omitted from the coach plan including French president Emmanuel Macron.

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