BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns of shock to our system as freezing cold takes over UK

UK weather: Temperatures to drop with chill from winds

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Carol Kirkwood said the cold weather will be taking over from this week, with temperatures slowly growing colder and chances of snow growing. Ms Kirkwood said milder conditions will persist through Monday but an Arctic chill currently plaguing Scotland will sink south as the day progresses. The BBC Weather forecaster said: “We’ve got a bit of everything this week, it’s all changing.

“At the weekend, on New Year’s Day, it was 16.3C in London – that’s a record-breaking temperature for New Year’s Day.

“But this week it’s going to turn much colder and temperatures will be closer to where they should be, it will be a shock to our systems.

“And then, when you add in the windchill, it will feel even colder again.”

Ms. Kirkwood continued: “We’ve got rain across Scotland with some snow in the hills, we’ve got rain in Northern Ireland, showers across northern England, some thundery showers across Wales, and rain coming in across the southwest of England. 

“This rain will be on and off through the course of the day, getting into the Channel Islands at times.

“The rain sinking south, but behind it the cold air that cuts in so, incredibly, we’ll see snow showers even at modest levels across parts of Scotland.

“And that will carry on into the southern Uplands, and by evening into the northern half of the Pennines.

“In between, a lot of dry weather, windy across England and Wales, drawing in the odd shower, but for most, it will be dry and still mild for the last day this week. Cold though across Scotland.”

Weather: 16 degree warmth fades as wind and rain set to lash Britain

The BBC Weather forecaster said snow will slowly manifest on the Pennines, the Lake District and Peak District as the night progresses.

Temperatures will grow significantly colder, with Scotland teetering on below zero across northern areas.

Ms Kirkwood added: “As we head into the evening and overnight, this front continues southwards, tending to peter out but it will still bring some snow across the Pennines into the Lake District, North Wales, and the Peak District

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“More substantial snow falling across Scotland, and with gales here we are looking at blizzards and drifting.

“And it’s going to be a cold night in the northern half of the country, the cold air not yet in the far south but that will happen as we go through tomorrow.”

BBC Weather’s forecast for the first week of 2022 read: “Over the first week of 2022, the country will be mainly under the tracks of Atlantic lows, bringing periods of wind and rain with some calmer, drier, cooler days in between.

“In the second week of January the unsettled pattern is set to continue, so further periods of rain are expected but, again, with breaks in between the systems. No cold spells are expected.

“Further ahead, confidence is getting lower, but we expect the seasonal pattern to continue. Some windy and rainy days are likely, with no signals towards a cold winter pattern.”

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