Bad Santa arrested by cops after getting into physical fight with Grinch

A Santa has been 'arrested' by police officers after getting caught up in a 'scrap' with the Grinch.

Footage recorded from the town of Coleford in Gloucestershire, shows Father Christmas having had enough of the naughty Grinch trying to steal the lights from the Christmas tree located at the town's Clock Tower.

The video also shows the Coleford PCSO arriving on the scene to 'arrest' Santa while reading him his rights, before carting him off to the police station.

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However, all was not as it seemed, as this was in fact just a bit of fun and the footage has been viewed more than 13,000 times on Facebook, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Events planner Nikki Norman had been out with Santa, a naughty elf and the Grinch bringing festive fun and pranks to people in the town.

After a long day of the Grinch planting custard pies on unsuspecting parents' faces, they decided to end the working day by recording a funny video to continue making people smile.

Nikki said: “It was a bit of Christmas fun. I have an events business so I have been out with Santa, a naughty elf and the Grinch visiting people on the doorsteps of their home.

“We bring Christmas cheer to those who ask us to visit them. It is funny to see the elf and Grinch getting up to mischief and getting parents with custard pies.

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“We have all had such rubbish Christmas’ over the past couple of years, we thought we would try and bring a smile to others.

"So we decided to record and post Santa pretending to be fed up with the Grinch trying to steal the lights from the Christmas tree by the Clock Tower in Coleford.

“Fairplay to the PCSO too. We gave her a call and asked if she would come down and be part of it and she did and there has been lots of praise for her getting involved.

“It was all a bit of fun, and the video has been widely shared and viewed. I am pleased to say Santa and the Grinch are friends again and no present deliveries were affected.”


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