Angry pensioners surrounded by ‘disgusting wall of metal’ across building site

A lack of construction work on a building development has forced residents to speak out on what they've been forced to live around.

For the last 15 months, no work has been done on the Glanffrwd development in Ebbw Vale where 27 social housing properties should have been created, WalesOnline reported.

Ray Stevens, who has lived in the Welsh town for 43 years, has spoken about the rubble, half-finished buildings and fences spotted with 'danger' signs he's forced to see at the front and back of his house.

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Workers downed tools after WRW Construction went into administration in July 2021 and subsequently left the estate despite work going unfinished.

Most of the residents who live around the construction site are pensioners and were told that work would restart in October, but that has yet to begun.

They say nobody from Tai Calon, the company managing the site, have not visited the site in months the residents say and have also stated they've received minimal to no communication on what will happen to the development.

Stevens is a carer for his wife who is in a wheelchair and he's expressed his anger at Tai Calon and spoken on the everyday struggles he has due to the mess left by the construction company.

He said: "They’ve been saying for 12 months that work would start in October.

"We were told that contracts would be issued in September and work to start in October, it hasn’t happened. They haven’t even issued any contracts.

"Tai Calon are totally responsible for this mess. They are absolutely useless.

"Wherever I look, front and back, is fencing. I can’t get a wheelchair out in some parts."

One resident who decided to remain anonymous echoed Stevens' thoughts about the predicament, calling it a "disaster".

"It’s an utter disaster. It has really taken away three years of us pensioners' lives and at a time when we need peace and quiet, [and] it’s put an enormous strain on people like myself but it has ruined the area completely."

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Anne Cadwallader, 81, lives directly in front of the development and has done for 19 years and she said its "wrong" for her to pay full rent to look at the horrendous conditions that's right in front of her property.

"19 years I’ve been here, I look after my home. And then when you open your door and look at that out there. I pay full rent here to open my door to that and it’s wrong, I think it’s wrong. It’s not a nice sight," she expressed.

"It’s not even half done, [and] the grass is up to your waist up there."

Howard Toplis, Chief Executive of Tai Calon said: "We fully understand the residents' frustrations with the current situation.

"A frustration we share, and that is why we have sought to keep the residents updated, and if that has in any way been inadequate, then I would like to apologise."


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