Angry homeowner’s note crusade against ‘idiotic parking’ after car blocks skip

A self-righteous homeowner has split opinion after embarking on a personal parking crusade on a vehicle that blocked their skip being collected.

In a furious Twitter tirade, the skip owner railed against the Vauxhall Corsa that they claim prevented their home's skip from being collected which cost charges.

To get their own back, the car was plastered with angrily typed-out pieces of paper labelling the parking "selfish" and "idiotic".

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The homeowner took to Twitter to share photos of the car and the note reports Liverpool Echo.

The notes said: "Selfish idiotic parking!!!! Parking right next to a bulging skip that's due to be collected today has cost me a lot of time and money.

"At 0803hrs this morning you parked in front of my property blocking an obviously bulging skip that was due to be collected today.

"I have spent hours knocking on every house and asking in the shop about the owner. It's now 1400hrs and it's still blocking the skip; I will now have to pay extra charges because of your selfish stupidity!!!!"

People were divided by whether the person who taped the notes to the car was in the right or the wrong.

One person said: "It's not illegal to park in front of somebody's property."

Another person added in response: "Unless it was blocking a dropped kerb. They never made that clear."

One person pointed out that the heat could have melted the duct tape onto the car. He said: "Won't be easy getting that duct tape off with the heat melting it."

Another said: "Think you might be getting a bill for car repairs too."

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