Woman abandons dog in airport carpark after being told he can’t go on flight

Most of us love our pets like family and would never dream of abandoning one. But, a holidaymaker recently ditched her pooch at the airport after discovering it wouldn’t be allowed to fly.

According to the police, the woman abandoned her French bulldog in the airport carpark at the Pittsburgh International Airport in Pennsylvania on Friday morning. The Allegheny County Police Department said on holiday that the despondent pet was "found unattended in a stroller".

The police were called to the scene at about 5.30am on August 4. A microchip – which is usually used to track down an animals owner – was found on the pooch, but the owner couldn’t be reached, reports Insider.

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Claims state that the woman was flying to a holiday resort. She said that the French bulldog was a support animal, but airline workers weren’t convinced by the statement.

They told the woman that her pup would need to be placed in a crate in order to fly. But, instead of securing the dog in an appropriate carrier she simply left him behind "near short-term parking and proceeded to board a flight".

The bulldog, which is thought to be around seven years old, is in good health and being kept at a local animal shelter, Sgt Donaldson told news channelWTAE .

The police department stated: "Don’t leave your pets behind! This morning at approximately 5:30 a.m., ACPD officers working at Pittsburgh International Airport were called to assist with a dog that was found unattended in a stroller on airport property.

"Officers were able to locate a microchip on the animal but attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful. Investigators learned the dog’s owner was told by airline officials the dog needed to be placed in a crate in order to fly.

"The investigation revealed the owner then abandoned the dog near short-term parking and proceeded to board a flight. Police contacted the state dog warden to safely turn over the dog. A charge of animal abandonment is expected to be filed against the owner by the dog warden."

Gobsmacked by the adorable pup’s tale of woe many social media users asked to adopt him. "What a cute baby. Thank you for saving this soul," a bloke wrote.

Another said: "Poor baby, I’d rescue that lovey in a second!!! Shame on that human owner, don’t ever get a pet again!!"

One user wrote: "This is the best thing that could have ever happened to that baby. Now it has a chance to find a real home and to be loved."

Another said: "To the person who abandoned this darling doggo is concerned I hope karma does it’s thing." A woman added: "Look at how adorable he is. You have to be heartless to abandon him like that. Some people suck and truly hope they file charges against whoever left him there."

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