Queen’s ‘most devoted’ fan travels from New Zealand to pay her respects

This weekend, royalists are flooding into the UK and London to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday, September 19.

And, one woman who was dubbed the world’s "most devoted royal watcher" has flown in from the other side of the world.

Despite moving from Sussex to New Zealand in 2019, Julia McCarthy-Fox, 57, still hopes to pay her respect to her Majesty.

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The devastated fan booked a flight back to Britain as soon as she heard the news that the Queen had passed, reports the Mirror.

Julia said: “I just had to go. I would regret it all my life if I didn’t.

“I’m going on my own. I don’t particularly want to go on my own. I would rather go with my wife, but it is not viable to do for the two of us as the flights are so expensive.

“I am going to do the lying-in state at Westminster Abbey – and if that means standing out for two nights in a row, then so be it. I will do that whatever it takes.

“I went to see the Queen Mother at the lying state when she passed and it was magical. It feels like such a privilege to be able to be there to see the coffin and the crown and to say goodbye.”

The 11,400mile trip from New Zealand to London can cost thousands of pounds – especially if booked last minute.

But, Julia was determined to make her way home to see the Queen.

She added: “I think Charles will make a great king even though it does sound weird at the moment.

“It is going to take some getting used to saying ‘God save the King’ and when people say King Charles III, it makes him sound like a spaniel."

She added: “His greatest asset will be his Queen and I absolutely believe that she will do an excellent job.

“She needs her to give him the confidence to go out and do it. And that is what she does so well. She doesn’t compete with him, she just backs him up, she’s not competing for attention.

“I think she’s fabulous and there is no reason why they can’t be a great King and Queen.

“I just hope people don’t start dragging back up the whole Diana thing. People need to let him get on with the job because we need to see what they can do when they’re given a chance."

Julia met the Queen a number of times.

She noted: "She has been a huge part of my life as I have photographed her and followed her for so long.

“We have had little snippets of conversation each time we have met and after 35 years they have amounted to an interesting and long conversation.”

The last time Julia saw her Majesty was at the Diamon Jubilee.

She added: "It made the whole weekend worthwhile. I said to my wife at the time, if this is the last time I see her I am happy that I have seen her here. And it was the last time.

“For me her legacy will be her smile. I will miss that very much.”


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