Passengers urged to leave ‘shampoo’ at home to avoid ‘hefty fine’

Experts at BPP University Law School revealed seven of the “weirdest items you might not know are illegal to fly with”. The senior content editor at Your Overseas Home, Christopher Nye, commented that “staying on the right side of these laws is imperative not only to keep the peace, but failure to do so could land you a hefty fine, deportation, or even imprisonment in some cases”. 

Hair dye

Interestingly, hair dye contains a chemical peroxide and any form of toxic substance or chemical “is a big no when flying abroad”.

This also includes the popular hair colour shampoos and conditioners that “gradually reduce grey with every wash” as they can also contain peroxide.

The experts explained: “So, unless you want to have it confiscated before reaching your destination, you may want to consider doing it before you go, or waiting until you touch down on holiday.”

Tent pegs

The travel experts warned holidaymakers might “want to think twice about taking camping gear” with them on the plane. They revealed that it is actually against the law to carry tent pegs or poles in hand luggage.

“If you’re planning to pitch a tent while you are away, then you might want to consider packing it into a hold luggage case or buying one when you get to the destination, or you could find yourself sleeping under the stars,” they explained.


Some food is not allowed in the hand luggage, such as soup. This is because it is technically a liquid, “so anything above 100ml is not permitted to be in a carry-on”.

The same goes for items such as clotted cream, tomato sauce, baby food or yoghurt above 100ml.

Badminton rackets

The experts revealed that badminton rackets “are actually off-limits when it comes to flying abroad and it might not be for the reason you think”.

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They explained it is because rackets can’t fit in a carry-on because they are too big. “So, if you are planning a game while you are away, it’s best to put the rackets in checked-in luggage, or buy a set when you arrive at your destination,” they recommended.

The same goes for beach tennis rackets or any other beach game that involves large rackets or equipment.

Steak pie

Pie lovers may want to carry one for a delicious meal on board and “while it might not be something you may even consider, gravy actually counts as a liquid and under flight regulations, is banned”.

The experts advised: “So, if you’re planning a trip to the Highlands and islands at some point, it’s best to steer clear of stashing one of their famous pies in your carry-on, to tuck into on the plane home.”


Carrying drills is not permitted on flights as “they are considered dangerous and a risk to passenger safety”.

Instead, they should be placed in the checked-in luggage and that goes for all tools such as saws, cutting mats, hammers and paint thinners.


Drones are increasingly popular to capture memories during a holiday but “while you might think it is a good idea to pack one into your hold luggage to keep it safe and avoid any damage, you might actually want to think again”.

Drones contain lithium batteries, which are required by law to be placed in the hand luggage, “so that if something goes wrong, staff can intervene and prevent it from causing any further issues”.

“Before packing a drone you might also want to check the laws in the country you are travelling to, as in Nicaragua, flying drones are banned if you don’t have a permit,” the experts warned.

Overseas property experts at shared other weird items that are banned in some countries and urged passengers to leave these at home before visiting the destinations. They revealed that flip flops, for instance, are banned in Capri, Italy, as it is illegal to wear “excessively noisy” footwear on the island.

Alison Couper from travel tech company explained: “It is illegal to wear noisy footwear, including flip-flops in the popular holiday destination. The locals value their peace and quiet and the law has seen tourists prosecuted for disrespecting this rule.”

In Singapore, it is against the law to import and sell chew gum, with some exceptions, while Kinder Surprise eggs are banned in the US and it is illegal to carry them on a plane.

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