Nexion 100 commission plan returns

The Nexion 100 commission plan, which enables advisors to keep 100% commission on all sales of non-ARC suppliers, has returned after more than a decade.

Single-person agencies that choose the Nexion 100 plan will pay $395 per month. The fee increases for agencies with more than one agent, depending on the number of agents.

Jackie Friedman

The Nexion 100 program was sunsetted in April 2012. Nexion president Jackie Friedman said that at the time of the decision, “it did not make financial sense for us at the price we were charging.” Advisors who were in the program already were grandfathered in.

But many top-producing members have been lobbying for the plan’s return. Today, “the new pricing is more in line with the current market,” according to Friedman.

“With the option to keep their entire commission, Nexion 100 is an attractive option for these growing agencies earning substantial revenues,” she said.

Multiple options

Nexion advisors can opt into a variety of pricing plans with different commission levels, including programs designed specifically for new-to-industry advisors.

Under all of Nexion Travel Group’s plans for members, including Nexion 100, advisors can keep between 50% and 80% of their ARC commissions.

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Nexion’s plans balance commission paid and monthly fee. New-to-the-industry members can opt for the NEXstart or NEXstart Lite plans, which offer 60% commission until they complete the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program; at that point, they receive 70% commission. Experienced advisors can choose plans that offer anywhere from 70% to 90% of commissions.

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