Mum takes revenge on plane passenger after they refused to swap seats

A mum has taken to TikTok to share how she took revenge on a woman who refused to swap plane seats with her.

The mother, comedian Cindy Arena, said she wanted to sit with her two kids on the plane journey.

However, she hadn’t booked the family seats together so instead asked the passenger next to her children if they would swap seats with her.

Cindy said in her video: “The woman refused to get up. She refused and my two children at the time were like four and six.”

After the woman refused to swap seats with her, she went to her assigned seat as she said she was “not going to argue”.

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Cindy said: “It was so peaceful and finally the stewardess comes up because I know she’s coming because this b**** is sitting next to my kids and there’s nothing fun about that.

“And she said ‘Umm ma’am she would like to trade seats with you now’ and I said ‘Oh no, no we need to stay in our assigned seats, have a good flight’.”

However, passengers were divided in opinion with some praising Cindy for her revenge on the woman.

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One person said: “Why would you want to sit next to a rando’s kid?” Another said they loved “malicious compliance” while others praised Cindy for standing her ground after the argument.

But other commenters weren’t impressed by Cindy’s actions and thought it was unfair on the other woman.

One person said: “As a mom of two kids, I pay to make sure we sit together. Lack of planning does not excuse this.”

Another passenger said: “When I pay extra I should not have to be punished. It’s the parent’s responsibility to book flights early and in a way so they should stay together.”

One commenter said they always paid extra to book the aisle seat and said parents should pay to sit with their children.

Some airlines will allow children to sit next to their parents for free but this isn’t always the case and there may be an extra charge.

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