‘Mind blowing’: Campervan couple detail UK road trip – ‘blown away it’s in this country’

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Travel bloggers Alex and Emma behind Travel Beans converted their own campervan during the lockdown, which they have used to travel the UK amid the pandemic. The couple waxed lyrical about one leg of the journey, which they dubbed “the UK’s answer to the great American road trip.”

The snow roads is a scenic route, 90 miles long, from Blairgowrie to Grantown-on-Spey. The slow route winds through hills and vast open spaces.

The couple – who run travel platform Travel Beans with 14k Instagram followers and an amazing 150,000 subscribers on their Youtube account – discovered it during their staycation, in which they completed the North Coast 500, a 516 mile like loop starting and ending in England.

It winds through the Black Isle, Caithness, Easter Ross, Inverness-shire, Sutherland, and Wester Ross.

Alex said: “It’s Scotland’s answer to Route 66, that’s how it has been positioned by the tourism board.


“It wasn’t a thing around five years ago, and now, it’s really really popular.”

The route is “mostly along the coast” but weaves in and out of villages inland.

The couple took their time on the stunning route, stopping at different locations.

“You can do it in five to seven days I think they recommend on the official website,” Emma said.

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“We ended up taking just about three weeks.”

The couple particularly enjoyed the snow roads.

He said of the drive: “I just can’t imagine another drive anywhere in the world that is so, so beautiful. And it was just like, ‘nothing here is unattractive.’

Emma added: “I think anyone that hasn’t heard of will be blown away that this is in our own country.

“I would say it’s probably the most scenic drive we’ve done.”

Alex went on: “The snow road is the highest public road in the UK. It’s incredible. I would highly recommend that.

“It’s definitely the UK’s answer to the great American road trip. Vast open spaces, hills, and villages, everywhere.”

During the trip, the couple spent time in the Cairngorms, which they dubbed “really underrated”. 

The Cairngorms are a mountain range in the highlands, the most famous mountain being Cairn Gorm.

It is home to Britain’s only herd of reindeer. Other wildlife includes the mountain hare and red grouse.

Emma added: “It is really lovely they’ve got reindeer there. You can go and see reindeer and they are gorgeous.

“They’re semi-wild. They were reintroduced in the 50s, I think because the environment’s perfect for them.”

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