Meghan Markle’s ‘special’ holiday left her ‘instantly renewed’

Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t sound happy’ says Rupert Bell

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The Duchess of Sussex used to share travel tips and inspiration on her lifestyle blog, The Tig. In 2014, she enjoyed a destination so much she even considered keeping it private.

Meghan loved her holiday in Negril in Jamaica and said the holiday was “so good” she didn’t want to share it.

She said: “Do you ever have that vacation that is so good that you’re conflicted between wanting to share it with the world versus tucking the memories smugly under your pillow so that no one ever finds out about this specific sliver of paradise?

“So that it just remains yours, special and private, and just for you? I’m opting to go with the former on this (begrudgingly, I might add.)

A town in western Jamaica, Negril has miles of sandy beaches with calm turquoise waters for swimming.

The Duchess continued: “After only a few days in Negril, I felt instantly renewed.

“Morning yoga in front of the cool Caribbean sea, afternoon cliff jumping into the water, and dinners where my best accessory was always the jerk sauce covering my face after a perfect meal.”

Meghan even recommended a restaurant in Negril which she enjoyed eating at on her holiday.

She loved the jerk chicken at the 3 Dives restaurant which serves authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Meghan stayed at the Rockhouse Hotel, an award-winning luxury boutique hotel with its own spa.

She said: “The kind of spot that leaves you daydreaming about it long after you’ve returned to alarm clocks, rush hour traffic, and people asking how you’re doing but never listening for the answer.

“There is a special kind of calm that fills me when I’m there, much of it having to do with the off-the-beaten-track locale of the property, and the warmth of the people.”

The Duchess said everything really is ‘Irie’. Irie is a Jamaican saying which is often used to mean “everything is alright and fine”.

Tui currently has holiday deals to Negril starting from £1146 per person for seven nights with flights from Manchester. Prices were correct at the time of writing.

Negril’s tourism office says: “You can stay on our crystal clear Caribbean Sea on the soft white sand or on our majestic cliffs and mysterious caves of the West End, or split your stay and do both!”

One of Negril’s top attractions is rafting on the Martha Brae, where tourists are steered down the river on a bamboo raft.

Tourists can also explore the attraction’s herb gardens to learn more about the country’s medicinal plants.

Visitors to Negril can also visit one of its rum distilleries or marvel at its incredible sculpture park.

The destination is also a top wellness holiday spot with plenty of spas for tourists looking to unwind and relax.

Jamaican food is a highlight of any visit to the island and Meghan’s favourite, jerk chicken, is a speciality.

Tourists should also keep an eye out for ackee and saltfish, curry goat and pepper pot soup.

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