‘Inconsiderate’ woman on flight has people thinking up ways they’d get revenge

A passenger on an airline went viral after people slammed them for their rude behaviour after their hair trailed down the back of their chair and onto a fellow passengers tray.

The traveller sitting behind the person took a snap of their seat and uploaded it to Reddit where people criticised their manners.

However some defended the person claiming they’d been in a similar position themselves.

Posting on the social media site, the passenger who took the photo said: “My view for most of my three-hour flight.”

And, people quickly piled on with their opinions – and how to avoid the uncomfortable situation in future, reports BirminghamLive.

A critic noted: “I would immediately say something to anyone who does something like this, or the feet thing that you see pics of.

“Hell no am I just going to put up with that.”

While another person mused: “The absolute worst part about flying is other passengers.”

One person said: “Yeah. It’s simple. I fly a lot for work.

“This happens every now and then.

“I usually just tap them on the shoulder and say ‘excuse me, your hair looks great but I don’t want it to get caught in the tray or seat. You should probably move it.’ and that’s it. Worked every time – so far.."

Another added: “Why do these people not say something. I wouldn’t put up with it.”

“I’d start braiding it,” laughed a jokester while a more serious commenter noted: “Just pick it up and throw it back over the seat.”

And, a cabin crew member wrote: “Why can’t people just be considerate on planes? It’s actually pretty easy. I’m a flight attendant and I am shocked in to oblivion every day.

“EVERY flight there is at least one person who treats everyone around them like they, their family and their time is less important than their own. It’s exhausting.

“Planes are public places and we’re all stuck in it together.”

And some ruthless posters shared how they'd get revenge on the unsuspecting passenger.

One noted: “Be a creep and tell her, her hair remind you of an escort you hired in New Jersey.”

“Become a cat and slap it around,” joked another while a third said: “Time to get the bubble gum out!”

And, a fourth exclaimed: “Start sucking on it.”

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While a more reasonable poster wrote: “A fake sneeze and a flick of water.”

But, another chose violence and added: “Grab some scissors.”

Thankfully, scissors and blades aren’t allowed on planes…

In the end, the original poster said: "I dipped it in ink and wrote a complaint letter to her."

We think they were joking, but will never know for sure…

What's the worst thing you've ever seen on a plane? Tell us in the comments section…

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