Fuming woman told to turn off in-flight film so passenger can avoid spoilers

A fuming woman was called "stuck up" by a fellow passenger who demanded she turn off her in-flight film during a recent trip on holiday.

The 22-year-old was taking her first ever flight and bagged herself an aisle seat on the Delta jet.

She settled herself in and decided to pop in her headphones and watch the film Uncharted on the inflight entertainment system.

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She hoped the popular Tom Holland flick would help to kill a couple of hours before she reached her destination, reports the Mirror.

However, ten minutes into the film she was tapped on the shoulder by a woman in the aisle across from her who told her to immediately turn off the film.

"Confused, I asked her why," the irritated passenger wrote on Reddit.

"She said it was because she has not seen the movie and didn't want to see my screen and see any spoilers.

"I told her that she could watch it on her screen and she said 'no', because she wanted to watch a different movie.

"I responded that I was going to keep watching my movie. She huffed and she started to complain, but I just ignored her."

As the young woman continued to watch the film, her irate fellow flier bumped into her several times as she made her way to the toilet jostling her as she went by.

At the end of the flight the presumptuous passenger stood up to get her bags, only for her grumpy fellow passenger to "start yelling" at her.

"By this time I was tired and ready to get off the plane and said 'ma'am if you were in such a rush to get off, then you should have a picked a seat closer to the front or gotten an upgraded seat'," she continued.

"She rolled her eyes and called me a 'stuck up b***h' and kept going on and on about how people are so disrespectful these days."

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People in the comments quickly shared their opinion on the matter, arguing that she was well within her rights to continue watching the film.

One person wrote: "How are you going to spoil a movie on from your screen if she’ll be watching her own movie?"

Another added: "Unfortunately as a nice person you’re under prepared for dealing with these types of problem people. I only wish you would have told her the ending of the movie."

A third pointed out: "You shouldn’t have to switch your movie just because someone else hasn’t seen it! She could’ve just not looked at your screen!"


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