Cruise guests warned they could be ‘left behind’

Cruise lines usually have a code of conduct for guests and passengers will need to know the rules before boarding.

While some rules, such as smoking in designated areas, may seem obvious, there are others that are less well-known.

Guests were recently warned that a common buffet behaviour could be “frowned upon” by other passengers.

James Cole, founder and managing director of Panache Cruises, said: “When you booked your cruise you promised to adhere to a set of rules governing your conduct and behaviour when onboard the ship.

“Disruptive passengers can be charged a fine or forcibly removed from the ship if they disobey the captain’s and crew member’s instructions, smoke in prohibited areas or throw things overboard.”

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Quiet down when the crew are making announcements

James said: “Take a moment to pause and listen when the captain or crew are making announcements as otherwise you and others around you may miss out on some important information.

“The announcements are usually made to pass along useful information about disembarking in ports of call, weather, onboard activities etc.”

The ship’s captain may make an announcement if there’s bad weather or the ship will be arriving late.

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Arrive to and from excursions on time

James said: “Respect the scheduled departure times for shore excursions because if you’re late then you’ll likely be left behind.

“Make sure to return to the tour bus or ship promptly, as late arrivals can cause unnecessary delays for other passengers and disrupt the itinerary.”

Passengers who arrive late to the ship will likely be left behind as ships usually have a tight schedule.

Be polite towards the crew

James said: “Treat the crew with respect as they’re the ones who are working tirelessly to make your holiday perfect every day.

“Make sure to give them a smile and greet them when you pass them in the hallway and if an issue should arise then stay calm and respectful when making a complaint.”

Cruise ship crew work long hours so it’s important to be kind and respectful to all the ship’s colleagues.

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