Cruise guests share ‘nice idea’ to thank crew

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Cruise ships with thousands of passengers often also have hundreds of crew onboard. From room stewards to waiting staff and dance teachers, there’s a whole range of roles available.

Guests have taken to Reddit to share how they show appreciation to their ship’s crew at the end of a trip.

One passenger said: “I recommend leaving the automatic gratuities on your account because they also get shared with deserving people in non-public-facing roles.

“Then you can tip your favourite service providers additional in cash. Tip whatever amount works for your budget, but do try to push it a bit because these people work so hard and often don’t get enough recognition or pay.

“It’s also a nice idea to write a little special thank you note in addition to extra cash if you are so inclined.

“Some people like to bring small gifts, but keep in mind they have limited space in their tiny cabins.”

Crew will nearly always appreciate a small note to thank them for their hard work as well as a tip if possible.

The ship’s staff often live in very small cabins so gifts such as food or toiletries may be more appropriate than large items.

Another guest said: “On my last cruise, it was seven days so I just handed him $100 (£82) up front and just asked to make sure we had coffee in the coffee maker in the room.

“He actually tried to give it back, protesting it was too much. A little goes a long way, but please give more than a little.”

Guests can choose to add tips onto their package when they book or they can offer staff money as they go.

A guest said: “Cash is king. Many of them are working in the cruise industry to send money back home to their family to live a better life.

“It’s easier to do it with cash because they don’t have to wait for the cruise company to disburse the tips to them.

“It also means if they get some time to get off the ship, they can wire the money home.”

Cruise ship workers often travel from all over the world to work in the industry and may be very far from home.

It can be difficult to be away from home for so long and kind gestures from guests may make it easier.

Cruise crew also aren’t able to leave the ship in every destination so may appreciate items such as snacks from the ports guests visit.

One guest said: “We normally give cash on day one, buy them a treat at every port, and then cash last day.

“Last cruise was Alaska and we got her local chocolate bars at every port, we asked her if she liked chocolate at the beginning and of course she did.

“In the Caribbean, it’s amazing the difference in food and our room steward out there liked the paprika chips and Smarties.”

Guests could ask their cruise ship crew what they would like before purchasing a gift for them as a thank you.

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