Cruise guest panics as they worry about bringing ‘food leftovers’

Cruise ships often have a range of restaurants for guests, although some will incur an additional charge.

However, during the day many passengers choose to go for lunch at a local restaurant or buy snacks from a shop.

A cruise guest ‘frecklerat’ wrote on Reddit: “What are the rules on bringing food leftovers from land onto the ship?

“When I’m at stops like Rome and I get some pizza but don’t finish it all, am I allowed to take it back with me on the ship at night?

“If not, it seems super messed up! I have dietary restrictions and their buffet looks mediocre.”

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Another guest said: “Usually restrictions are the other way, against bringing food from the ship onto shore.”

Many destinations have strict border rules over fresh food so cruise guests are only allowed to take packaged snacks off the ship.

The rules vary depending on the place and guests will be able to check this with the ship’s crew.

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However, another guest said: “Technically you can only bring back packaged food. If you have dietary restrictions, fill out the special needs request form in advance of your cruise.”

Cruise ships should be able to cater for dietary requirements but it’s best to inform the company in advance.

Another passenger ‘heathers1’ wrote: “I brought a sandwich back from Naples by accident and no one said anything.”

Cruise lines may not be bothered about passengers bringing food back onto the ship and guests can always check the rules before doing so.

While guests are allowed to purchase alcohol at the port, this will be confiscated on most cruise ships.

Confiscated alcohol will be returned to guests at the end of their cruise to stop people drinking it in their cabins.

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