British tourists warned of Italy swimming pool rules

British tourists heading on holiday to Italy this summer have been warned of a little-known rule.

Anyone swimming in a public pool in Italy has to wear a swimming cap and could be banned from pools for refusing to do so.

According to the travel experts at Suncamp, the rule is in place for hygiene purposes and it’s also common in several other European countries.

A team spokesperson said: “The idea is that by wearing a swim cap you keep flakes of skin, hairs, and other dirt from your head out of the pool.”

Although parents with young children may find the rule frustrating, it’s a necessity to swim in Italy’s public pools.

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However, some campsites can request to be exempt from the rule so tourists will need to check the regulations at their site.

Public pools sometimes sell swimming hats or offer them on a rental basis if tourists forget to bring one.

Tourists also need to wash their feet before entering the pool and topless sunbathing is usually banned.

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At some swimming pools in Europe, men are required to wear speedo style swimwear rather than baggy trunks.

This should be made clear before entering the pool and those with trunks could be forbidden entry.

Rules usually vary widely between different accommodations with each business having their own regulations.

Tourists also have to follow several other strict rules in Italy if they don’t want to be landed with a fine on holiday.

Holidaymakers need to wear clothes not swimwear if they aren’t on the beach in some areas of Italy.

Tourists have also been fined for eating an ice-cream in the wrong place or cooking a meal outside.

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