ATPCO shifts infrastructure to the cloud with Amazon deal

ATPCO will use Amazon Web Services to host its flight shopping and distribution platforms.

The airline fare-filing and retailing service says the move will allow it to modernize its applications to accelerate expansion to airlines and other partners.

ATPCO is one of the oldest travel technology services in the industry and is owned by a consortium of airlines, allowing them and more than 400 others to host their fares and availability for intermediaries to access.

It currently processes 289 million fares in its database, as well as more recently providing retail shopping technology through its acquisition of RouteHappy.

John Murphy, chief information officer at ATPCO, said: “Powering the future of flight shopping demands modern solutions, and this collaboration gets us closer to this vision significantly faster.

“Working with AWS means ATPCO can drive more innovation, reduce technical debt, and free ourselves from the constraints of legacy systems and infrastructure.”

ATPCO’s move to the cloud follows similar efforts from three other traditional airline distribution service providers.

Travelport also inked a deal with AWS in June this year. Sabre signed a 10-year agreement with Google Cloud in January 2020 for hosting of distribution and infrastructure services.

Amadeus followed suit in late 2020 with an agreement with Microsoft.

Source: PhocusWire

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